Most people think of a pharmacist as the person they see working in a drug store or hospital. I guess I’m not the typical pharmacist as most of my career has been involved with clinical trial work or managing and discussing the genomics of cancer. My work has me traveling, most weeks, across the country and internationally on occasion. With so much work and travel I began taking my camera with me in hopes of shooting a few photos of the places I’ve been. It wasn’t too long before I had a computer full of photos and began giving them away. Through the encouragement of my family and best friend I have created a small offering of my photography and participate annually at the Downtown Edmond Arts Festival. Over the last 8 years or so I have been awarded Artist of the Year along with several other awards including, most recently, a second-place award in 2016.

My photography ...

With the above outline as background I began to study photography composition, photography formats, workflow and processing. Single frame photography composition is an amazing subject matter with countless books, online classes and tutorials. It also humbled me as I realized how much I didn’t know. Along this journey I began to study high dynamic range photography (HDR). I was asked how I would describe HDR photography and the expanding complexity of digital cameras. One corollary may be illustrated with what we see, today, with high definition television. High definition television provides an image that is most like what is seen if the viewer were at the sporting event, movie location or studio where a show is created. In a similar fashion the improvement in digital cameras has allowed the same to be true with photography. High dynamic range photography adds additional depth and resolution not seen in a single photograph. Perhaps the way 4k technology is adding to the current high definition television. I have added a link that provides a brief example of HDR photography. Certainly, single frame photography and HDR can coexist as seen in the hummingbird photos or the inside of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Many of the mountain photos were  taken while adventure riding and why I've included the videos on this page.  As the story goes "half the fun is getting there."

My hope is the viewer finds something they connect with visually, emotionally or artistically.

Sincerely, Patrick

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

Alfred Stieglitz - (1864 – 1946) - father of modern photography and influence on the acceptance of photography as an art form.

A personal thanks...

Todd - my best friend through the years and intrepid adventurer

Grant - a guy who can do just about anything

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