This Gallery contains photos of spring tulips in Hafer Park. It may appear that some of the photos are duplicates or variations of the same photo. This is done for two reasons. The first is simple, it allows the viewer to decide on standard size or panorama prints. The second has to with the concept of "depth of field" and the general "appeal" to the viewers eye. Below is an example. In the first photo I used a deep depth of field to include the tulips behind the main tulips as the subject. In the second photo I used a narrow depth of field to focus more on the tulips as the central subject matter. Some people like the narrow depth of field with the focus on the first group of tulips, others like the deeper depth of view as it allows the eye to follow the fence and tulips behind the central subject. The composition of both photos is correct as it allows the viewer to decided which is more appealing to their eye.

Depth of Field

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